10000 Town Center Ave, Columbia, MD 21044


The Metropolitan Downtown Columbia supports a wide range of transportation options other than driving alone.

What is Go Metropolitan Downtown Columbia?

Think of us as your personal transportation guru to help you not only commute to and from the Metropolitan Columbia, but also get around the area. In addition to the incredible transportation options the Metropolitan Downtown Columbia offers – electric vehicle charging stations, ample bicycle parking, and carpool spaces – Go Metropolitan Columbia is an additional amenity for the residents to take full advantage of. We are here to help you identify which travel choices are best for you and your lifestyle by tailoring customized travel plans for all residents.

Want to know the best commute option to get to and from work? Send us an email! Looking for a different way to go to an upcoming concert or sporting event without having to sit in inevitable traffic? We’re here to help. Go Metropolitan is here to help you explore all of the options available to you.